Why can’t I find a boyfriend on the internet?

These days almost nobody can imagine his life without the internet. The most significant reason why modern technologies are such an essential part of our lives is that they make our lives easier. Nowadays there is no need to go shopping and to spend hours in the offline shopping mall because it is much faster and cheaper to purchase everything you need on an online store. The second thing why the internet plays such a significant role in our lives is because here is so much information, and it’s possible to find an answer to your questions for a couple seconds while several dozens years ago you needed to spend hours in the article to learn more about the particular theme.

However, we use the internet not only for work or study but also for entertainment. Here are thousands websites which will help you to rest after a busy day, and a video chat is one of them. This is a service which was created specifically for communication. If you want to start using it, you only need to create your personal account and to have a web camera. Video chatting is a great way to meet friends and to improve your knowledge of a foreign language because there’re more than 20 million profiles of people who live all around the world. Furthermore, these services will be useful for those individuals who are looking for a date. However, there are lots of females who cannot anyone on a chat. The reasons for this are in the article.

Reasons why nobody wants to become your online boyfriend

Recently, the psychologists have conducted the research and recognized several female’s actions which push males away. The most obvious of them are in the list below.

  • You try to be a tomboy for your interlocutors of another sex. For example, you tell them that your favorite activity is football or that you prefer wearing boys’ clothes such as caps, shorts and snickers instead of dresses and high hills;
  • You have a lot of complexes which are obvious to people who you are talking to on the internet. Even if you are beautiful, you are still shy and afraid to show your personality. Nobody will be eager to be your boyfriend if you are always complaining and hide all your thoughts;
  • You are too open person. This is a situation which differs absolutely from the previous one. You cash tell a stranger everything, and your interlocutor will know everything about you after your first conversation. You should be a little bit more mystery to the boy you want to date.


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