Why are some people against video chats?

The possibility that one day people will get rid of the internet is quite low even though there are so many human beings who are against modern technologies. The main reason why the internet will be one of the most significant aspects of our living is that modern gadgets make our subsistence less inconvenient than it used to be only twenty years ago.

Even though most of the scientists are sure that the internet has taken over our planet and it is impossible to survive without it, some psychologists have no doubt that modern products are quite destructive. For example, these devices take people’s free time which they used to spend with their friends and family members. Such a behavior makes everybody more insecure, some people don’t feel confident enough even when they are talking to their colleagues at work or even to their relatives whom they have known since their childhood.  Fortunately, several years ago programmers also started to understand that the internet would destroy the society because of the lack of communication. That’s why recently professional software engineers decided to develop special online platforms for interaction and called them video chats. Even though these websites are available all around the world and the only thing a person needs to have in order to start s conversation with a stranger is a web camera on his mobile phone or laptop, some individuals are sure that these are the worst services for communication. Here are some of the reasons for this consideration.

Everybody can see you

Those people who developed video chats believe that the main advantage of these online platforms is that people can see each other while talking. However, those individuals who have another attitude to this topic believe that this is the main weakness of these websites. They think so because while you are talking on a chat, everybody can see your face. However, there are not only good users on these services, there are also some weird people who can blame you for your appearance.


One more reason why there are still some people who prefer using other chatting platforms instead of this service is that there are some deviants. Even though the administration of these websites try to block these users’ personal profiles as soon as possible, these individuals create new pages there via other IP-addresses and devices.


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