What can a profile tell you about a user

Work, gym, friends, pillow… How do you get time for your personal life? You can score. And nerves are stronger, and money. Hush, grace. But boredom, of course, is mortal. If you want a taste of real life, you have to meet girls. And you can do it by lying at home on the sofa with a smartphone or a tablet in your hand.

When you register on a dating site, you need to fill out a profile of truthful information. Leave the profile empty, as a rule, people who came to the site from boredom and not looking for anything special there. But a completed profile can tell you more about a person than it says:

  • Requirements to candidates in the column “About yourself” this is not the best way to please someone. As a rule, relations with the owners of such profiles do not promise anything good, unless, of course, you do not want to adjust to these requirements constantly.
  • Name.  Reducing and caressing forms of the name can talk about infantile and immature people, nicknames are also rarely used by people who have come out of adolescence.
  • “Swipe to the left.”  Skepticism about their profile on the site, as a rule, show people who do not have a relationship with the opposite sex. And this isn’t about dating sites.
  • “I don’t come here very often.” A person has registered for a dating service “just in case”, it is unlikely that he is now really committed to a relationship.
  • Keywords. Research of more than 1,2 million questionnaires on dating services showed that people who mention in their profiles the words: “love”, “relationship”, “children”, “time”, “music”, “friend” and “life”, more often than others find partners for long, serious relationships.  Those on the eternal quest are more likely to use in their profiles the words: “trip”, “dinner”, “shop”, “meeting”, “humor”.
  • Matching interests, of course, will help in finding a topic for conversation on the first date, but as American psychologists, there is no pattern in the coincidence of hobbies listed on the sites, and successful acquaintances in life. Do not mark an interesting candidate just because you have different interests, perhaps that’s what will attract your attention in communication with a person.

It turns out that viewing a user’s profile will help you understand a lot about him. That’s why those who want to find a partner through a dating site have no problem checking their account before sending their first message.


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