TOP-5 Gestures to Flirt in Cam Chats

Flirt is a subtle technique that every woman uses. Many of them use it while dating in online video chats. If a woman likes an interlocutor, she can add a bit of flirting to her behavior. She should flirt naturally and not too frankly. It is impermissible to look vulgar. The skill of flirting is developed in the course of training. When training, you should take into account 5 basic rules of female flirting.

  • Establishing eye contact

A look is the first signal by which a man realizes that a smile is addressed to him. Eye contact lasts for a few seconds. The desired duration is provided by a short phrase. When catching the man’s gaze, mentally say “I like you” and then look away.

  • Body Language

Psychologists state that 57% of information is transmitted non-verbally. These are gestures, posture, movements. To attract a man, in most cases, it is enough to show a willingness to communicate. Turn your body towards your interlocutor in a cam chat and sit down freely. When communicating in a random chat do not cross hands, show your palms. Bend a little to the camera and smile. Gestures should be natural and not too provocative. It is important to show your appeal. Graceful movements of the hands near the face (you can strand a lock of hair, rest your chin on your palm for a second).

  • Smile and laugh

A smile can be different: friendly, timid, illuminating, playful, tense. If you like an interlocutor, then smile more. A smile shows your open nature and cheerful mood. A woman who smiles at her interlocutor immediately creates a positive impression and demonstrates her friendly attitude toward the man.

  • Correctly selected clothes

It is important to choose the right clothes for online dating. Moreover, if you want to flirt a bit. In such cases, your appearance should be tidy, neat, and stylish but at the same time, not vulgar. It is not recommended to choose a too short skirt or T-shirts and dresses with a deep neckline. Clothing should emphasize the dignity of the figure but not distract your interlocutor from the charm of a woman.

  • Manifestation of sexuality

If a woman likes a man, she can demonstrate her sexuality (do not confuse the word with accessibility). It is possible to lick or bite a lip but this gesture should not be repeated too many times during a conversation. Another way to show your interest is to wind a strand of hair on a finger.

Flirting in random chats is a common practice. Users come to online chats to have fun and relax, and this technique is a pleasant pastime for both sides.


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