Things you should never sacrifice for your partner

Any relationship is a daily job. And while compromises and sacrifices are inevitable in a relationship, there are a few things you risk losing yourself by sacrificing for love.

1. Family and friends

Often our beloved ones cannot find a common language with our family members or friends. It’s not necessary that your partner adores your mother or treats your friends as if they were theirs – that would be great, but it’s not always possible, even if you started your own family and now they are “supposed” to be related. Still, that doesn’t mean you have to restrict or stop communicating with someone you care about just because they don’t agree with your chosen one. Unhealthy, close, complex, cold, warm – the relationship that you have with your loved ones – only yours. If you stop them, it should be only your choice, based on your feelings, not the choice between family and love. It’s the same with friends.

A loved one can help you through difficult relationships with your parents, quarrels with friends, try to get you out of a toxic relationship with someone close to you, give advice or support, but never make a decision for you or manipulate you, because these people are unpleasant, uninteresting or strangers. In turn, it is always worth making the best effort to adapt to each other’s family and community.

2. Dreams

Each of us has interests and hobbies that make us who we are. Our dreams are the motivation to realize our aspirations. A life without goals and interests practically loses its meaning and gradually turns into an empty existence with only a bunch of obligations and tasks.

But it has no moral right to become an obstacle in your way, to devalue your dreams and force you to give up what is important and interesting to you. Never give up your hopes and aspirations for anyone. You can choose a new common goal and go towards it together, but do not adjust to the ambitions of one by giving up what is really important to you.

3. Talents

To have a real talent or to find your calling in life is perhaps one of the most important riches a person can have. It makes us happy and confident, plays a huge psychological role and is one of the key moments in the formation of our personality. There are almost no rational reasons that can make a loving person force his partner to give up what he is gifted and found himself in. Otherwise, it is about selfishness, not love, and for the sake of this relationship is not worth sacrificing even habits.


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