Things To Know When Meeting Foreigners in Video Chat

Video chats became a universally recognized way of meeting people from all over the world online. It is more interesting than messaging, and less demanding than meetings in person. List of benefits of online video chatting can be extended with a number of features. However, what truly makes it an outstanding communication tool for the modern times is the opportunity to meet someone from another part of the world in no time and effort.

Still, for video chats to go smoothly and successfully, one should be aware of the certain rules and principles of communications. These will be discussed in more detail below. To give you a small spoiler – it is all about open mindedness, friendliness, and cultural intelligence in communications with foreigners. As well as respect for diversity of beliefs, lifestyles and world outlooks one may encounter during a few hours of video chatting online.  

Strategies to Communicate with Foreigners Online

First and foremost, one should take into account language and cultural barriers arising in any kind of communication with foreigners. Simply greeting a person may be a daunting task if you know nothing about the customs and traditions of greetings of this person’s country. When greeted successfully, one should definitely start a conversation and involve the other person in it.

Here are a few tips on how to start talking with a foreign person online:

  • comment on a topic common to both of you at the moment: the food, the room, the occasion, the weather;
  • comment on a topic of general interest: since video chats usually include short description of the person appearing on your screen, you may start discussing any of the topics indicated there which you also find interesting;
  • ask open questions: make sure that your conversation does not go in “yes” or “no” answers. If you really want to learn something about the person give him or her an opportunity to discuss and bring in personal view on different issues;
  • ask getting-to-know-you questions: do not be shy to ask something personal if this is of interest to you. You just have to show your companion sincere motivation to continue a conversation by learning more and more with every question;
  • give feedback: if he or she makes a joke, even if you do not find it very funny, try to laugh. If he or she offers some “surprising” information, react with surprise. This is a simple way to stay connected and polite with a stranger or a foreigner who may also be feeling unconfident or worried.

To sum it up, there is no easier and more convenient way to meet a foreigner than online, especially through a video chat services. Given the language and cultural barriers often being an obstacle to effortless communication online, one should follow the tips and hints on how to start a conversation and keep up with it indicated above.


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