The Best Gift for a Man via a Video Chat

Have you found a boyfriend in a random online chat? Or maybe your husband or beloved frequently goes on business trips for several days or weeks? If it happens that both lovers part each other, and your man has a holiday (a birthday, for instance), do you know what to present to him?

Here’s the answer: a striptease (as a prelude) with passionate virtual sex will be the best option. It is obvious that a man (and both partners in general) will love it if they don’t have sex for a long time.

The only thing is that a woman should be self-confident enough. Not everyone will dare to dance a private dance. Many of them feel shy or embarrassed. But if you decided to impress and please your man, it is necessary to undergo a certain preparatory process.

  1. Choose a melody that corresponds to your soul and mood. If you not only like but also feel a song, you’ll move more confidently and sexily.
  2. Choose suitable clothes. It should be the most seductive lingerie. Above it, put on his chemise or a T-shirt. It can also be a silk peignoir.
  3. Think about movements. Do not let the process go as it goes. When your interlocutor stares at you via a cam chat, you’ll get nervous. Thus, do not expect that you’ll create a striptease on the run. Your brain won’t be able to generate any ideas. Thus, try to remember movements and their sequence.

What is important to say about movements is that they should be smooth and slow. Do not hurry. Smooth movements will perfectly demonstrate the beauty of your body. Your partner will be able to observe all curves.

An important remark is that it is better to choose simpler movements and dance them seductively rather than choose complicated ones and look ridiculous and awkward. Your partner is not a professional choreographer. Thus, he won’t notice the level of complexity. For him, the main criterion is your sexual performance. Thus, there is no need to add movements of exotic dancers to your performance.

That’s what concerns your preparation. Also, there are some rules that are advisable to keep in mind.

  • Do not try to put off all the clothing items at once. You should make the process of undressing longer.
  • It is advisable to start undressing from the second minute of the melody. The first minute is left for developing a partner’s fantasy. Let your interlocutor in a video chat get excited and imagine what will happen next.

When you’re naked, do not hurry to stop dancing. On the contrary, you should keep moving so that you show all the curves to your partner in a video chat. Let him enjoy your body


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