Stages of relationship

More and more people end relationships as soon as they stop bringing joy. It seems to us that if something has gone wrong, then we need to get out of it as soon as possible. This often happens because we idealize romantic relationships: modern society and culture make us think that there are no problems with “real” love.

This delusion can be costly, because we have to pay with our own happiness. Often, relationships can be saved if you understand in time that you are just going through a difficult stage. Do not forget that in life there is a place for routine, domestic difficulties, alienation, disappointment and a lot of other things. Despite these things, you can love each other.

1. Falling in love

When we talk about love, we mean chemistry, that is, the mutual attraction that arises between two people. It bursts into life unexpectedly and appears as if by itself. It cannot be prevented or silenced by force. This is not a conscious choice, but a display of instinct.

2. Becoming a couple

You begin to feel a strong bond with your partner and feel like a couple. You feel comfortable and relaxed together, you are confident in each other, even if there are no such roof emotions as before. You grow and develop together, and begin to understand what a person really needs next to you.

3. Disappointment and alienation

This is the period that accounts for the largest number of partings and divorces.

The stage of disappointment is something like a hangover. You are sad and hurt that the party is over, and its consequences cause unpleasant feelings.

4. Working on love

It is important to understand what you can continue to love, even when you have stopped looking at your partner through the pink glasses. You will save the situation if you change your way of thinking. Work on your relationship, and you will receive an award: Your feelings will grow stronger and more mature.

Admit that the person around you cannot and should not be perfect. Remember that a relationship is a job, so be patient and make an effort to preserve your union.

5. Love that can change the world

At the last stage, an entirely new level of mutual respect and acceptance appears. You do not hide anything, you know each other’s strengths and weaknesses and love your partner as he is.

Our life is a complicated thing, in which there are difficult times. You can deal with all the problems alone, but it is difficult. When you build a true love and go through the inevitable difficulties, the partner becomes a strong ally.


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