Reasons why you cannot find your partner

Entering into a short-term relationship without obligations is easy, while building long-term stable relationships is much more difficult. You may have problems stretching from the past, as well as childhood fears and problems in the present, which will weaken the contact with the chosen one. If you have already met your loved one, try to work through the problems together. And we will help you find out the main reasons why you are still alone.

“He will break my heart”

Once you’ve lived through a once sick breakup with your lover, you’ll be more careful – it’s understandable and normal. However, it is important to look at the situation realistically and understand that a couple of failed novels do not mean that you will never meet your person. Do not be afraid to experience negative emotions, because life can not consist of one positive. It is better to study carefully the chosen one and read the dangerous signals that indicate his unstable psyche, which will lead to a scandalous breakup. Breaking up with an adequate person will not bring you so much pain, because the parting, if it happens, will occur after a frank conversation in a calm tone and a joint decision how to live on.

If you carry a negative experience from past relationships, make a study on such issues:

  • What important decisions have I made in this relationship?
  • Have I endured anything that annoyed or hurt me in order to maintain the relationship?
  • Did I cause hysterics or quarrels to draw the man’s attention to myself?
  • Did I hide my true feelings in order to be comfortable with my partner?
  • Did I give more, not feel equal?

By answering “yes” to at least one question, you need to work through the topic yourself or to see a psychologist who can help you close the gestalt.

“I don’t want to get used to it”

The more often and for longer you communicate with a person, the closer you become to each other. Many girls are afraid to fall in love with a guy until they see the first steps from him – it seems to them that the man goes out with them only waiting for intimacy. If you really think so, you have to work with self-esteem. Men are the same people who are afraid of being rejected by the person they like, can not always open up quickly, although they hide behind a mask of self-assured “male”, and carefully enter into close contact with the ladies they are really interested in. Go towards a man with an open heart and get the same emotions from him, appreciate the moment, not the prospect of a successful marriage.


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