How you humiliate yourself in the eyes of a man: 4 mistakes

Some people do not even think about how much the attitude of men depends on the behavior of their companion. Women prefer to think that when choosing a partner, men look only at appearance. Of course, this opinion is fundamentally wrong. Many seemingly inconspicuous girls are able to fall in love with the most sophisticated men, while the real beauties often remain alone. There are several features in the behavior of a woman that immediately discourage men from respecting her. If you want to better understand how not to behave in the company of a partner, there are tips specifically for you.

You keep silent your grievances

Some women are so afraid to disappoint a man that they prefer to keep silent about everything they are not satisfied with until victorious. Unfortunately, it is always impossible to suppress their grievances. At one point, patience breaks down and all resentments fall on the man with a huge flow. Remember: if you are not satisfied with something, say it directly to your companion. Men are not psychics, they can’t read minds or catch your attitude to what is happening. So do not keep silent about what you are not satisfied with. If you do not want to be in the role of Cinderella, then do not corner yourself with your own silence. After all, at one moment it can play a bad joke on you.

You forget about private space

Between obtrusiveness and indifference there is a thin but distinguishable line. When a woman shows her indifference or, conversely, starts throwing herself at a man’s neck, it repels all potential suitors. The strong sex does not like companions who do not appreciate their personal boundaries. For example, if you go with a man on a first date, it is silly to show him your jealousy or demand his phone “to check”. Understand that a man will never appreciate a woman for whom finding the right man is the only goal in life. Learn to treat the personal boundaries of your companion with respect.

“All men are jerks”

You don’t have to tell a man that you have bad luck with your partners. Leave this information for your girlfriends. That’s what you will discuss with them and the villain Vlad. If you want to build a future, then do not look at the past. If you seriously believe that there are no decent men and they all need only one thing, then why do you go on dates and communicate with men? When all men seem unworthy, then think about whether you deliberately or subconsciously choose such satellites.


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