How to deal with girls waiting for their prince

Going from work to home and backwards – there are more and more people living under this scheme. They would be happy to include the care of their partner and children, but there are no worthy candidates. As a result, there’s not enough time for new acquaintances.

What to do if in the nearest environment there are no oligarchs in love with you, and new acquaintances and impressions, and romance is still desirable? To begin with, you can get a couple of virtual fans in specially designated places on the Internet.

One of the most popular types of girls are waiting for the prince. Among young people, one of the most numerous groups. You can read more about them and how to communicate with such females in this article.

What goal such girls have

Most often these are young girls (under 25 years old), although there are copies of almost pre-retirement age. Their dream – the perfect man, a prince on a white horse, which will sprinkle their heavenly grace and plunge into the world of sweet dreams.

Ordinary men will be classified as unworthy.  Questionnaires of girls waiting for a prince will be filled with what the girls themselves think the princes are catching.  These are high pairs of romantic nonsense, “deep” quotes and “philosophical” statuses, poems, as well as fascinating photographs in seductive poses. As an alternative, it’s an exorbitant demand to crash the page.  You can write directly so that a mere mortal passes by.

How do you recognize such girls

In addition to the above attributes, it is a dull mind and total infantilism (which can be seen from the task set by the girl). Deep, meaningful conversation will not work.  The requirements for a man are unusually exaggerated (in fact, these are characteristics of an ideal, all-knowing and almighty man) with quite average properties of the girl herself. Attempts to point to a mismatch of parameters does not lead to anything. The girl appreciates herself extraordinarily high.

How to behave

If you are an experienced seducer, you can arrange a dance with diamonds, take the image of the same prince and achieve what you want. Nonetheless, after a while, the deception will reveal itself. It is possible that the maiden, feeling well with a quite earthly man, will go mad and grow up. Rather, you will be accused of forgery, and maybe even rape. In any case, enmity with such a girl is inevitable.


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