GUROJA: a useful app for everyone

Online communication is tightly integrated into everyday life of a modern human being. Today everyone uses new methods of communication not only in megacities, but also in small suburban areas. Internet dating has become a usual phenomenon. This method is actively used to communicate men and women all around the globe. That’s why more and more developers launch new applications exactly for these purposes. Thus, it becomes more difficult to find a dating platform that will satisfy all user’s desires. One of the most popular programs, which can be installed on any smartphone, is called GUROJA.

The main things to mention about this app

Get closer to to the world with GUROJA. This easy-to-use application connects you to foreigners living in more than 200 countries. You can easily make many friends with different languages and cultures.

What makes this application different

This user-friendly application has lots of features that make it much better than its alternatives:

  • The app is available globally. Meet friends or even your true love via video chats, select your preferences by gender, age and region. This app is useful for all gender preferences.
  • Chats are translated instantly. Feel free to send a message to foreigners.
  • Send texts or start video chats with your real mates.
  • You no longer need to watch videos of unwanted strangers with the facial recognition feature.

The creators of the application ask you to respect other users and follow their recommendations to create a better community. Any violation of the service rules will be taken seriously and lead to the profile suspension. The GUROJA mobile service considers all data with strict confidentiality.

Additional information

This application has commercials. That’s why it’s better to purchase a VIP membership, if you want to use this platform without any extra features. The GUROJA app also recommends using an unlimited data rate or Wi-Fi connection.

If you rationally balance time for real life and for Internet communication, there will be no negative consequences. Then this communication application will help you to find a real friend or even meet a loved one, regardless of your location. You need to remember that the Internet is just a tool, but not the whole life. So it is worth to periodically distract from online communication and in one day offer your online friend to meet in real life.


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