5 Steps for what to do If you’re a Fitness Trainer and Became Unemployed because of the Quarantine

The epidemic put the whole world upside down. No one can really predict what is going to happen next. Many people lost their jobs and can’t stay afloat. Fitness trainers are one of those professions that suffer the situation. Nevertheless, skilled and active trainers manage to stay afloat and find the way out. In this case, online training via video chats is the right option. Let’s consider 5 steps you should take to cope with the existing difficulties.

  • Have a developed Instagram account

Instagram is the most popular online platform for providing and promoting services nowadays. If you have already developed it, you’re lucky. You have an audience and can work with it. If you’re not an active Instagram user, then it will be more difficult for you to win clients online. Anyway, try to attract your subscribers.

  • Announce that you arrange online training

Say to your clients or subscribers that you continue working and are glad to lead the training process via a cam chat. Your clients should know that you do not leave them during the quarantine. You’ll be their support and motivation.

  • Choose the right application/video chat/online platform for arranging video conferences

Cam chats serve as excellent online platforms where you can connect with your clients, make group conferences, and arrange online training. Both sides will be able to see each other. A trainer will be able to notice your mistakes and correct exercise technique.

  • Decide on the price

You should decide how much your online training will cost and set the price. Make sure that your price is affordable. Remember that people stay at home and have a minimum sum of money for living. Thus, try to set a competitive price that will satisfy either you or your clients.

  • Come up with bonuses or specialties

You should develop some interesting ways to attract users. For example, it can be free training if one buys a monthly subscription. Or, if your client does physical exercises with a partner, then a split subscription will be cheaper.

One more option is to add some specialties or challenges to make your clients stay with you. You can think about challenges for clients, which will train their willpower. For example, it is difficult to resist food while sitting at home. Thus, try to make them control their eating habits and challenge themselves.

Create your own brand and pack it attractively. If your product is worthy, then you’ll draw clients and stay afloat throughout the quarantine period.


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